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Hooley is the first ever, all-in-one event management and social media app with patented geofencing technology. Hooley offers creative new tools to change the way we plan and manage events. This new event platform also transforms the event goers participation into a customized social media experience. Whether creating events or attending them, Hooley gives you the flexibility to manage and enjoy them in ways not offered before. 

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    • Create custom event invites for any occasion such festivals, concerts, nightclub and bar events, block parties, and campaign rallies. 
    • Create private pay-per-view events that users can view remotely. 
    • Create custom charity events using our charity event module. 
    • Create paid events with our in-app ticket setup, sales, and processing. 
    • Add a geofence around your event location for a greater social networking experience. 
    • Use Hooley's custom guest lists to target and invite specific audiences to your events.
    • Use geolocation to identify and invite, in real-time, other Hooley users nearby to your event. 
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    • Grow your events with our in-app promotional system. 
    • Send event notifications to Hooley users locally or anywhere in the world.
    • Promote your events in the featured sections of Hooley. 
    • Promote your business or products on Hooley's Media Stream and Event Gallery. 
    • Use Hooley's geofence-driven, real-time analytical data to identify and communicate with the right event goers, at the right time. 
    • Live stream your events from a variety of venues.
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    • Sell tickets to your events using our streamlined ticket sales process.
    • Sell remote access to your private events to Hooley users everywhere on a pay-per-view basis.
    • Offer affinity products and services on your event page to increase revenue per ticket. 
    • Use Hooley's geofence-driven affinity marketing to increase sales of affinity products. 
    • Easily purchase event tickets in-app or gift them to other users. 
    • Enjoy completely paperless tickets using only phone-to-phone QR code scanning. 
    • Add other Hooley users to your event staff allowing them to scan tickets at the door. 
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    • Surround your event location with a geofence to create a unique social media ecosystem.
    • Integrate your event's hashtags and Twitter feeds into your event page. 
    • Use Hooley's Uber and Lyft integration to navigate to the event.
    • Share photos and videos, message guests, and meet new people.
    • Connect with other guests based on shared interests. 
    • If you can't attend, just follow all your favorite events remotely.